For most people the lawyer profession is directly associated with criminal trials, court appearances, jurors, and other paraphernalia often featured in feature films.

In fact, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the activities of lawyers are inextricably linked with defense in criminal cases and this is primarily due to the requirements of the law prohibiting persons who are not lawyers from participating in investigative actions, as well as acting as a defense attorney in courts.

However, contrary to popular belief, the profession of a lawyer is not so uniform and the reason lies primarily in a very wide range of criminal proceedings because each category of cases has its own specific features, hidden threats and pitfalls, and as a result, the mastery of certain methods of defense in one category cannot guarantee the successful outcome of a case relating to another.

Taking part in the proceedings of various criminal cases, we have chosen the main areas of our specialization in the field of criminal defense, and further focusing on specific categories of cases, we have developed the most effective defense mechanisms and representation on them.

For twenty years we have been honing the created mechanism and as a result we can proudly talk about achieving positive results. The best confirmation of our confidence and rightness is grateful feedback from people who, at a difficult moment in their lives, turned to our specialists and were satisfied with the result of their work.

We are ready to offer our clients the following types of legal assistance in the framework of the organization of criminal defense:

  • Consultation
  • The participation of a lawyer in the examination of a witness
  • The participation of a lawyer in the interrogation of a witness entitled to defense
  • Protection of the suspect and the accused
  • Protecting the interests of the victim at the stage of pre-trial investigation
  • Protecting the interests of criminal company officers
  • Participation in investigative actions in the company (search, seizure of documents, etc.)
  • Initiation and organization of examinations and special studies
  • Gathering evidence and requesting information based on a lawyer’s request
  • Defendant’s defense
  • Protecting the interests of the victim in court
  • Appeal against the actions of criminal prosecution bodies
  • Assistance in resolving issues of commutation of punishment, parole, repayment and early withdrawal of criminal record.