The expression “personnel decide everything” is familiar to any employer.

Undoubtedly, in the modern business world one of the key factors of business success is the effective management of human resources based on compliance with labor laws.

Violation or incorrect construction of the system of labor relations in the company, misunderstanding or interpretation of the provisions of labor legislation, as well as ignorance of the prevailing law enforcement practice can lead to serious risks for business.

Qualified legal assistance on everyday personnel issues, as well as a comprehensivĕ legal approach to complex labor issues, allow the employer to identify and minimize risks in the field of labor law in a timely manner.

Our specialists possess not only theoretical knowledge of labor legislation, but also have extensive experience in law enforcement practice, as they have repeatedly participated in the resolution of various labor disputes, both in court and out of court.

We offer a wide range of legal services to ensure companies comply with labor laws, and also recommend modern approaches related to hiring staff and increasing their effectiveness.

We are ready to offer our clients the following types of legal assistance in the application of labor legislation:

  • Consultation
  • Legal audit of personnel documentation
  • Development of documents (employment contracts, orders, rules, regulations, agreements on non-disclosure of confidential information, agreements on full individual or collective liability, contracts for staff training, etc.)
  • Investigation Assistance
  • Legal assistance in attracting foreign labor
  • Safety and health issues
  • Legal support in conducting inspections and investigations by the labor inspectorate
  • Appeal of the results of inspections and actions of officials of the labor inspectorate
  • Improving efficiency and staff training
  • Recruitment Guidelines Labor disputes