The growth of the economy of Kazakhstan, the increase in business activity of citizens and legal entities naturally lead to an increase in controversial and conflict situations, the resolution of which is sometimes only possible for professionals with extensive experience in conducting litigation.

Representation of interests in court has a number of specific features, which primarily stem from the principle of adversarial parties and therefore, in order to prevent errors and procedural omissions in the course of a trial, it is more appropriate to entrust such cases to specialists who have relevant experience and a clear understanding of the procedure for providing evidence and interrogation witnesses, petitions, complaints, and paperwork.

For more than twenty years we have been dealing with the protection of the interests of our clients in the courts and provide reliable protection of their interests at any stage of the judicial process in civil and administrative cases, as well as at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

The participation of our specialists in litigation and arbitration is primarily focused on ensuring maximum protection of clients’ interests and effective resolution of disputes.

Our assistance includes the development of a legal position, assistance in the formation of evidence, obtaining expert opinions, drafting the necessary procedural documents, as well as direct participation in court hearings.

We are ready to offer our clients the following types of legal assistance in litigation:

  • Consultation
  • Representation in general courts
  • Representation of interests in arbitration
  • Representation in administrative courts
  • Preparation of statements of claim and complaints
  • Preparation of procedural documents (petitions, statements, complaints, reviews, and other documents)
  • Evidence collection
  • Disputes with government bodies
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Customs Disputes
  • Family disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Bank disputes
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Recovery of terms of acceptance of inheritance
  • Appeal against the actions of bailiffs
  • Disputes regarding invalidation of transactions
  • Representation of interests in claims for protection of honor, dignity and business reputation
  • Litigation of Intellectual Property Rights Violations and Illegal Use of Trademarks Representation of interests in specialized inter-district economic and juvenile courts.