Constantly changing legislation requires the business to regularly monitor to eliminate or reduce possible legal risks, but not everyone can afford to have a full-time lawyer.

We have specially developed a list of services to provide all the necessary legal support to companies and individual entrepreneurs during the full cycle of their activities, which allows our customers to focus on business development and not waste time and resources on organizational issues.

It doesn’t matter if you are just planning to start a business or if you want to expand its borders by opening additional offices or branches in other regions, our specialists will provide you comprehensive support throughout this process and provide the necessary legal assistance.

We are ready to provide you with qualified legal assistance in the process of registration and liquidation of companies, in the sale and acquisition of a business, in matters of improving corporate governance, obtaining licenses and certificates, as well as in bankruptcy and rehabilitation of enterprises.

The timely receipt of qualified legal assistance will help to avoid serious problems and protect your business from financial losses in the future.

We are ready to offer our clients the following types of legal assistance in the framework of legal support of business:

  • Consultation
  • Company Creation
  • Development of unique constituent documents and regulations
  • Legal audit of activities
  • Preparation of legal opinions
  • Business Ownership Guidelines
  • Recommendations on choosing the best form of business organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Structuring the transaction, analysis of tax risks when they are committed, recommendations for tax optimization
  • Contract preparation
  • Business correspondence
  • Office Organization
  • Subscriber services (legal outsourcing)
  • Personnel issues and labor relations issues
  • Settlement of disputes with counterparties
  • Protection against consumer extremism (dishonest buyer)
  • Representation in court
  • Debt collection
  • Disputes with government bodies
  • Representation of interests in enforcement proceedings
  • Company reorganization and liquidation
  • Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation
  • Apostille and legalization of documents
  • Licensing and obtaining the necessary permits for certain types of activities.