A significant part of our practice consists of issues related to the application of tax legislation and that is why we pay very much attention to this area.

The main task of tax advice is to analyze the activities of the taxpayer for compliance with tax laws and provide the client with advice that allows him to choose the optimal mode of activity, plan the tax burden correctly and avoid additional tax risks.

Verification of compliance with the requirements of tax legislation is associated with an analysis of the activities of the taxpayer and the specifics of its taxation, as well as with the search for the most suitable options for interacting with contractors.

We are convinced that the basis for successful cooperation with a client in this area is deep interaction, a detailed study of his activities and an understanding of the nuances of his business processes, which is why we are trying to build long-term relationships with our clients that contribute to the development and growth of their business.

We are pleased to offer you the widest range of services on taxation issues, from consulting and determining the optimal scheme of your business to representing your interests in relations with tax authorities.

We are ready to offer our clients the following types of legal assistance in the field of tax legislation:

  • Consultation
  • Legal support of tax audits
  • Preparation of recommendations and conclusions on tax issues
  • Structuring transactions, analysis of tax risks in their execution, recommendations for tax optimization
  • Legal examination of existing contracts
  • Preparation of responses to tax notifications, notifications, including the results of cameral control
  • Appeal of notifications based on the results of inspections by a higher authority
  • Appeal of actions (inaction) and decisions of tax authorities
  • Transfer pricing advice
  • Issues of taxation of income of non-residents and avoidance of double taxation
  • Refund of value-added tax and income tax or conditional bank deposit from the budget
  • Judicial appeal of notifications of verification results
  • Representation of interests in administrative cases on tax offenses
  • Tax Law Criminal Defense