Compliance, as an effective tool for minimizing regulatory risks, confidently takes on key positions in the management of modern organizations, not only financial institutions, but also companies in the real sector of the economy.

Compliance is conformity with any internal company rules or external regulatory requirements of the law.

It covers such important areas as combating fraud and corruption, comprehensive verification of counterparties, working with conflicts of interest, data protection, interacting with inspection bodies, establishing ethical standards of conduct for employees, countering the legalization of illegal proceeds and financing of terrorism, and the development of regulatory documents and procedures aimed at compliance of the company with the legislation governing its activities and much more.

Compliance avoids adverse consequences for both the company and its management. Even in the absence of mandatory requirements of the law on compliance procedures, not only managers, but also owners of companies are interested in this function.

Our experts, certified in the field of compliance, will help you and your company develop and implement appropriate procedures.

In particular, we propose the development and implementation of procedures that exclude or reduce legal risks associated with corruption and fraud, conflict of interest, unreliability of contractors, data protection, inappropriate interaction with inspection bodies and much more.

We accompany any implementation of compliance procedures with the training of owners, key managers and ordinary employees, which allows us to effectively implement procedures in the daily economic and economic activities of the company.

We are ready to offer our clients the following types of legal assistance:

  • Consultation
  • Legal opinion
  • Development of rules, policies, codes
  • Implementation of procedures
  • Organization of employee training
  • Countering Fraud and Corruption
  • Comprehensive verification of counterparties
  • Identification and prevention of conflict of interest
  • Protection of information constituting official and commercial secrets
  • Interaction with inspection bodies
  • Ethical standards and rules of conduct for employees Countering the legalization of illegal proceeds and the financing of terrorism