The decision to create the “DynastiYa” Law Firm was made in 1998 and initially we saw it as a small, family-owned boutique company with a limited circle of clients.

We chose the name based on our beliefs about traditions and we thought that it is possible to achieve high professional indicators in the legal field by transferring experience from generation to generation.

We are planning to expand the range of services of the company due to the increase in the circle of our clients and the growth of their needs. Today we can give you valuable advice on the most diversified and complex issues, represent your interests in court, protect against criminal prosecution, conduct negotiations and render necessary consultation.

Currently, the team of “DynastiYA” Law Firm is a group of professional lawyers with special knowledge and many years of experience in the legal field, courts, public service bodies, state companies, and large multinational corporations.

In addition to providing legal assistance to our clients we are engaged in community service. Our experts took part in writing a number of normative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, were regularly involved in the work of the Legal Council of the People’s Democratic Party “NurOtan”, and participated in the consideration of economic disputes as arbitrators.

Respect for corporate ethics and confidentiality as well as loyalty to the interests of our customers are the main priorities that we follow and strictly observe in our daily practice.

A creative approach to resolving legal conflicts and the uniqueness of the proposed solutions allows us to work with quasi-state, oil and gas, investment, financial, industrial and construction companies, non-profit organisations, as well as with other legal and physical persons.

Our mission is to be your reliable partner in protecting the rights and legitimate interests, to promote the well-being and successful development of your business. IIn order to achieve these goals we always try to do a little more than is expected from us.